DANS 5RYTMER® - Birgitte Rasmussen

Dancing the 5Rhythms: Presentation, classes and workshops

About myself:
My name is Birgitte Rasmussen, Danish. 
Dancing the 5rhythms release energy and creativity, melt tensions and root the soul in the body. This is my spiritual path, my growth and my service. I have been a 5Rhythms dancer since 1997 and a 5Rhythms® Teacher since 2008. I teach classes and workshops in Denmark (Copenhagen, Silkeborg and Ringsted), Sweden (Malmö) and other places.
I live in a spiritual center www.vaekstcenteret.dk. in Nr. Snede.
Maps: Waves. In May 2022 I finished my Heartbeat training, postphoned because of Covid19
Locations for classes: Copenhagen, Roskilde, Silkeborg, Aarhus, Denmark
Dancing since: 1997 and teaching the 5Rhythms since: 2008
Languages: English, Danish
CONTACT: Phone: +45 26 27 14 71 or dans5rytmer@gmail.com
Facebook group 5Rytmer. Find den her.
I have classes in Copenhagen, Roskilde and Silkeborg.
You will find the events for my classes in the Facebook group '5 Rytmer'
We dance in Copenhagen every second Friday, kl. 7-9.30pm i M2Tango Studio, Kapelvej 46C, 2200 Copenhagen N: 
Price: 150 Danish Crowns or 130 (if you are unemployed, on pension or a fulltime student)
I teach evenings classes in 1) Copenhagen every second Friday, 3) Silkeborg every second Thursday and  3) in Roskilde every second Wednesday. 
Any quistions, write me for details under contact.
Love Birgitte

Detailed presentation:

Dancing the 5Rhythms release energi and creativity, melt tentions and root your soul in the body.
The joyrney: Self-discovery, therapy and spirituality. To me the 5rhythms is always a journey of self-discovery, therapy and spirituality and because its bodywork all three journeys become one, as you dance through the 5 rhythms: flow, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness.
1997 – 2008: I have been dancing the 5rhythms since early 1997, and been teaching 5rhythms since November 2008. Gabrielle Roth (1941-2012) was my teacher and I have danced so many workshops with her and many other teachers.
2008 – 2013: The first 5 years of my own teaching the 5Rhythms, I simply said yes to everything I was asked - paid but also voluntary, and it gave me so many experiences with all kinds of groups, small groups (down to one) and big groups (up to 200 dancers) in classes of 1 1/2 to 3 hours, weekend workshops (Friday night, Saturday and Sunday) and summer-dance retreats of a week up to 10 days. I have mostly been teaching adults, but also mums with babies, and this summer parents/friends together with kids from 5 to 12 years.
2013-2020: Going into other countries, doing workshops in Sweden, Finland, India and Sri Lanka. Still doing workshops and classes in Denmark.
Through the years I have taught different kind of workshops:
Workshops with a theme like
'The power of dancing'
‘Soft and wild dancing 5rhythms’,
‘5threads to intuitive wisdom through the 5Rhythms’
'The Rebel series: Rebel dancer',‘Rebel Dancer, power and passion’, 'Rebel dancer into the unknown',  'Rebel dancer with joy' and 'Rebel Dancer - the embodied healer'. 
The next Rebel Dancer will be 'Rebel Dancer in Heartbeat' November 20-22 2020. 
‘Presence through the 5Rhythms’
  • Working together with an art therapist, Sasja Iza Christensen, in 3 weekend workshops: Dancing 5Rhythms and bringing the 5Rhythms into personal art together.
  • Working together with 5R teacher, Bettina Leuckert and musicians, we did the workshop 'Alive' doing 5Rhythms to improvisatory music (4 workshops + classes)
  • Working together with artist, Birgitte Gyrd, dancing the 5Rhythms through a Gallery with paintings, which were done as expressions of the 5Rhythms (2 one-day-workshops)
  • Dancing in nature and on the beach
  • Working together with Soulmotion teacher Martin Steixner, Auroville 2016 
  • Ongoing group 'Coming togehter' with Jonas Klingberg, Sweden
  • Mums and babies, done classes for mums and babies under 1 year.
  • Families, friends, adults and kids: week long workshops since 2016
Being a 5Rhythms teacher is a life-long dedication to be a student, learning and being in service. Besides Gabrielle Roth and her son Jonathan Horan and many other 5Rhythms teachers, the Norwegian Musician Jon Roar Bjorkvold, who did the film ‘The muse within’ about rhythms, also inspires me. I visited him in February 2013 for a long discussion about rhythms. 
Besides teaching the 5Rhythms, I have been working as a journalist, making a magazine for a worker's Union, now I have stopped, doing my passion the 5Rhythms.
I live in a spiritual commune, which bring me lots of inspiration and joy, see www.vaekstcenter.dk 
Workhops participants tell this:
'The concept of the workshop is very well organized - I feel safe as participant /.../ I love your way of teaching: simplicity and no redundant words. In this I surrender, listening to the language of my body.' Lene Andersen, 2016.
'Wonderful workshop /.../ Thank you for your support, when we go stuck, I feel you really see us. Thank you.'  Ann-Marie Malmos, 2016